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Acko is to insurance what the internet is to information and what instant messaging is to communication.
We figured that most people don’t really care for insurance, simply because they don’t understand it. But you don’t really need to. That’s what we are here for.

Acko is here to make buying and using insurance really effortless.
How do we ensure that?

Insurance, say hello to technology.
By adding technology to insurance, we have transformed something that’s time consuming and tedious to something that’s quick and easy. And in the process, we’ve managed to fit something as massive as insurance in your pocket. Acko is digital first, which means that you’ll be as comfortable using it as you are using your own smartphone.

We make insurance effortless by making it affordable and hassle-free because when it comes to finding ways to making your life easier, we leave no stones unturned.

The new age of insurance has finally arrived.
Now we are just waiting for you.